Jan Chetna Party Haryana - Venod Sharma

Jan Chetna party has been formed to raise the voice of the downtrodden and the weaker sections of the society. It is not a party, it is a movement, a platform for all of us to come together and work towards the progress of our state. Venod Sharma wants to see a Haryana where everyone will have equal opportunity to grow. A Haryana which is moving rapidly on the path of development. He dreams of Haryana standing among top states of the country with a world class infrastructure and educational facilities. Haryana has all the potential which is needed to put a state on top of the development chart.

Today Haryana needs a catalyst which can kick start the process of development and growth in Haryana. Haryana needs a roadmap for it’s progress. It needs a roadmap which can enable it to realize potential and cross all the hurdles to become the numero uno state of the country. Haryana has been lagging behind because of the apathy of the successive governments. This apathy has costed Haryana dearly and today on many social and economic indicators Haryana is sliding down. The government of the day is not at all concerned about the development of Haryana and is only busy in serving it’s own interests.

It is due to these reasons that the birth of a movement called JanChetnaParty has taken place. For someone like Venod Sharma It is impossible turn a blind eye towards the misrule in the state. He always believes that atayaachar karne waale se atyachar sehne waala jyaada bada guehgaar hota hai (It is never abuser's fault it is always the abuse at fault). Venod Sharma is one leader who has always fought for the rights of the downtrodden and poor. So when he saw that the state machinery is failing completely in redressing the woes of the common man, Venod Sharma dissociated himself from the government.

Venod Sharma was an extremely powerful minister in the Haryana government but when he saw that his government is deviating from the promises it made, he left the government, without having any second thought. It needs a man of very integrity and values to leave his position as a minister but Venod Sharma proved that when it comes to the welfare of the people and the state of Haryana,Venod Sharma does not compromise.

Jan Chetna party is a movement which is looking like a small step at present but will prove to be a big game changer in the politics of Haryana in the coming days. Venod Sharma is one political leader who enjoys huge support from all sections of the society. He is a charismatic leader who inspires everyone including the youths of the Haryana. For youth, he is the only political figure in Haryana whom they look up to.

Venod Sharma also sympathizes with the youth and their issues. No other politician in Haryana has taken up the issue of malpractice prevailing in the interview system of the government jobs except for Venod Sharma. He is the only leader who has constantly attacked the system of interview in government jobs and has been constantly demanding it’s abolition. Not only is he agitating against this but has also promised to do away with this system, if he comes into power. There is no doubt that in the coming days JanChetna Party will grow from strength to strength and will provide the people of Haryana with the best political alternative.