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Haryana Politics : In Haryana politics, Jat leaders enjoy dominance. Haryana Politics is abuzz with activities as elections are nearing. The Haryana politics today lacks a leader who can provide effective leadership. Politicians of Haryana are busy in fulfilling their own agenda. Right now the development work in Haryana has come to a standstill. News in Haryana incidents of corruption and nepotism comes in the news in Haryana state almost every day .The selection process in government jobs is attracting lot of criticism due to the malpractices which are prevailing in the system. The interviews are eyewash. In the name of interview, jobs are given based on recommendations.

The leaders in Haryana state are not only turning a blind eye towards the process of interview but is also not concerned about the improvement in the HSSC recruitment system. Haryana political leaders have put the issues of development and welfare of the state aside and are busy in serving their own interests. Today the people have lost interest in the political developments of Haryana as they know the political leaders are not going to fulfill their promises.

Today the political leaders of Haryana state are busy in mudslinging and there is nobody in Haryana who is concerned about the problems of the people of the people. In the Haryana politics it is only Venod Sharma and his Janchetna party which are concerned out states’ development and the motto of development of Haryana is part of Janchetna party’s agenda.

Haryana news : The upcoming elections in the news of Haryana state. All the political parties are gearing up for the upcoming elections .The recent political rallies are the biggest news of Haryana right now. More and more political leaders are coming out and organizing rallies in the state.

Few years back the violence in the auto component belt of Faridabad and Manesar was in Haryana news. The news of violence in Haryana the auto component belt of Haryana made the news everywhere. Unfortunately the leaders of Haryana are not concerned over the issue. Except for Venod Sharma no other political leader condemned the incident. In fact some political parties tried to took advantage of the situation only to be part of the news in Haryana.

Current news of Haryana state : Among the top most news of Haryana is the formation of Janchetna party by Veteran political leader of Haryana, Venod Sharma. He has formed Janchetna party. Venod has been demanding that the progress and development of Haryana should be the only criteria. Janchetna party is only political party which has criticized the incident of violence which vitiated the industrial climate of Haryana.

Venod Sharma has concern for the youth of Haryana state and he knows that the state cannot progress if it continues to discriminate between jat and non jat .He is very positive towards the growth and development of the state.

For the upcoming 2014 elections of Haryana assembly, Venod Sharma is doing a political tour. He has come out recently to support the aided teachers which were big news in Haryana state.

Haryana state is headed for elections in the coming months. Haryana state will go for assembly polls in the month of October. Haryana will be electing it’s new government very soon and people are quite excited about this.

The importance of Haryana state is declining as the leaders of Haryana are not interested in Haryana’s progress. The importance of Haryana is declining also because the political leaders are not worried about the development of Haryana. The importance of Haryana state is due to it’s agricultural growth. However in the recent years, Haryana’s dominant position in agriculture has declined.

The government of Haryana is not paying adequate attention to the welfare of the farming community in the state of Haryana. The state is lagging behind because of the indifferent approach of the state government. In Haryana state news, the news is rife that the political leaders of Haryana are not interested in the growth of Haryana but are rather interested in serving their own interests.

Haryana state area is not very big and hence the political parties in Haryana find it easy to campaign here in comparison to other bigger states.

However Haryana state area is full of neglect. Most of the political parties who are active in the state of Haryana are does not care about the development. Even though the area of Haryana is small, the conditions of the roads in Haryana are not satisfactory.