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Haryana State: Venod Sharma believes in the all round development of Haryana State. Venod Sharma is one leader who believes in the holistic development of Haryana State. Unlike other leaders of Haryana whose only aim is to serve their own interests, Venod Sharma through his political outfit Jan chetna party has nurtured a vision to put Haryana on the path of growth and development.

Haryana Tourism: Haryana Tourism offers a thrilling and unforgettable experience and thhe historical place of Kurukshetra, Jyotisar, Thaneshwar, Pehowa and Panchkula reminds of the rich historical past of our country. Venod Sharma wants a new tourism policy for Haryana which can promote tourism like never before.

Haryana Map: Haryana occupies an important place in the Industrial map of the Country. The State is not only known for its strong Industrial landscape. Venod Sharma wants Haryana to further increase it's presence in the Industrial map of the country and become the number one industrialized state of the country.

Haryana Police: Venod Sharam has always emphasized on augmentation of the police force in Harayan for better enforcement of Law and order. To augment the Police Force, Haryana Police Recruitment Board (HPRB) recently invited online applications for the recruitment of 8275 Male Constables and 334 Female Constables.

Haryana board: Haryana is an important education hub of the country. Venod Sharam wants Haryana to be the knowledge capital of India. Haryana Board of School Education or HBSE is the authority which conducts the Public Examinations at Middle, Matric and Senior Secondary level. HBSE Results 2014 for 10th and 12th results will be officially announced in June, 2014.

Haryana News: HaryanaNews has been in news for the past few months because of wrong reasons. The Haryan state politics news has not been progressing as per expectation. Only few regions of the state got all the focus and infrastructure projects, rest of the state was treated as an outsider.

Haryana Politics:Haryna Politics focus on the Haryana assembly elections due in the next few months, the political environment has become very interesting. All political parties have started making strategies and plans for the elections with Haryana Politics.

Haryana Jobs: Youth of Haryana are frustrated with the present situation. Genuine candidates are not getting jobs in Haryana; where as the uneducated people with political connections are being offered govt. jobs. Interview system has been badly exploited by corrupt bureaucrats and politicians. Favoured candidates are being given higher marks in interviews intentionally, so that their overall marks exceed that of genuine candidates.

Haryana Roadways: Haryana Roadways is the lifeline of the state. Thousands of people depend on them for the daily travels. The quality of service has been degrading over the years. The buses are being maintained properly, due to which breakdowns have become very common. The punctuality which was a trademark of Haryana Roadways is also missing. We cannot depend on them anymore.

Haryana politicians: Citizens are disappointed by the political leadership. People feel that they have been cheated and used for the last 10 years. Voters have lost hope from the current lot. The only ray of hope is that of Venod Sharma. Venod has been a grass root leader, and people acknowledge this fact. They know that Venod would be there to help them, even if others ignore them.

Haryana Non Jat Leader : Venod Sharma is an undisputed Nonjaat leader Haryana. In a state, where only jat leaders have captured CM post for the past few decades, Venod Sharma is a very strong Haryana nonjaat in the upcoming assembly elections. Venod Sharma has never discriminated the citizens of Haryana State on the basis of caste, that is the reason of his popularity amongst jats and non jats.

Haryana State : Haryana State carved from Punjab came into existence on 1 November 1966. The name Haryana signifies two meanings one is land of “Hari” Hindu deity and other is green land. Land of agriculture Haryana is surrounded by Punjab, Himachal Pradesh & Rajasthan and Delhi.

HaryanaState has great significance in Hindu mythology because of battle of Mahabharata at Kurukshetra and in history for battles of Panipat. Primarily an agricultural state is on 2nd position in food grain production. A self sufficient state majorly produces wheat, rice, millet, maize, sugarcane, cotton, jute etc. Chaudhary Charan Singh Agricultural University is Asia’s biggest University. Beside agriculture dairy farming is another important occupation in Haryana State.

Region of diverse culture and faith has majority population of Hindu’s. It also has considerable population of Sikhs and Muslims with a very low percentage of others. Khap is distinctive feature of Haryana culture and caste dominates Haryana State politics.

Being a state of abundant food grains Haryana State lagging behind in food processing units and factories. The food processing industry includes processing, packaging and canning of fruit, vegetables and dairy products in the form of food item.

Visionary leader Venod Sharma has plans in this direction. Easy availability of raw material can help the people of Haryana to establish and make their presence not only in India but on world level. There is better opportunity for the people of Haryana State to develop in this sector by recent Haryana News.

Venod Sharma wants to ensure good life to the people of state which can be achieved by providing new avenues of business and job opportunities to the people of Haryana. He has taken right step by exploring food sector which can be started on small and even on cottage industry level to bring progress and growth to the common man of Haryana State.