Haryana Map

In the map of Haryana, it is quite easy to find the areas where Milk production is a business. Today it is quite easy to find the small scale farmers in the map of Haryana engaging successfully in the milk business to improve their livelihood. The map of Haryana occupies a significant place among the major milk producing states of India.

By looking at the map of Haryana one can say that the state is the livestock mint of India. There is a need to establish milk based industries in Haryana.

If we see the map of Haryana particularly industrial map, one can find that the state has not been progressing as per expectation. Only few regions of the state got all the focus and infrastructure projects, rest of the state was treated as an outsider.

In the map of Haryana, politics dominates. With the Haryana assembly elections due in the next few months, the political environment has become very interesting. All political parties have started making strategies and plans for the elections.

In the map of Haryana one can see that there is a dearth of Jobs in Haryana and the youth of Haryana is frustrated with the present situation. Genuine candidates are not getting jobs; whereas the uneducated people with political connections are being offered government jobs. Interview system has been badly exploited by corrupt bureaucrats and politicians.

In the map of Haryana, one can see the importance Roadways plays in Haryana. Roadways are the lifeline of Haryana. Thousands of people depend on them for their daily travels. The punctuality which was a trademark of Haryana Roadways is also missing. We cannot depend on them anymore. This needs to be improved.

It is very difficult to find Non jat leaders in the map of Haryana as only jat leaders have captured CM post for the past few decades. But the map of Haryana is going to change as Venod Sharma is emerging as a very strong non jat contender in the upcoming assembly elections.