Haryana Jobs – Jobs In Haryana

The pace of creation of jobs in Haryana is pathetic. Job creation happens when industrialization happens. But unfortunately the rate of job creation in Haryana is unable to match with the number of unemployed youths. Not only Haryana is lacking behind in the pace of job creation but the nature of jobs which are getting crate in Haryana in places like Gurgaon –which is considered as the millennium city- involves high skills.

For such kind of jobs, the companies which have set up their base in cities like Gurgaon are getting the workers from outside as they are unable to find workers within the state. Hence it is not just the problem of job creation in Haryana but there is a problem of skill up gradation as well in Haryana. At first there are not enough jobs in Haryana and whatever jobs in Haryana are there they are skill specific.

Jan Chetna party’s president Venod Sharma is one such leader who has shown apprehension over the dismal state of Haryana job creation .According to him the state government is not looking at the problem of unemployment in totality.

On one side there is a problem of dismal Haryana job creation on the other hand the process of recruitment government jobs in Haryana is full of corruption and nepotism. The interview process in government jobs in Haryana is full of corruption and nepotism. The youth of the state is a frustrated lot. Candidates who are meritorious are not getting jobs while those with recommendations are able to land up the jobs.

Role of Business and Industry in creating Jobs in Haryana

The investor community is not very keen to invest in Haryana .They are afraid because the government of Haryana is not quick to respond to the needs of the industry. Also the business climate of the state is not good which is resulting in the mass departure of the Industry from the state.

The episode of violence in the auto component belt of Faridabad-Manesar has dented the image of the state.

Today they business community is not willing to invest in Haryana, because of the fear of violence. This is affecting not only the industrial climate of Haryana but is also impacting the creation of jobs in Haryana as the role of Industry and business in creating jobs in Haryana is substantial.

Jan Chetna Party and it’s president Venod Sharma has always supported the cause of woman and youth and has constantly attacked the government for not fulfilling the promises it made to the youth of Haryana during the elections.

Because of the anti industry policies of the Haryana Government there is a lack of creation of Haryana jobs today.

For those youths who belong to the rural areas, the availability and choice of jobs in Haryana is extremely limited. Hence the only option available with thee youths is to take up farming as a occupation.

Venod Sharma has blamed the Haryana state government for making fake promises. He pointed out that the Haryana government promised to give jobs to around 60 thousand youths of Haryana but has not done so .The process of creation of jobs in Haryana has come to a halt.