Haryana Assembly Election 2014 - Jat Leader

In Few months from now in the year 2014 Haryana will be going to polls. These polls are happening in Haryana after the Lok Sabha polls in which the ruling party congress got only 1 seat.

The Lok Sabha election results have clearly shown the lack of faith of the voters in the ruling congress party. As a result the political observers are predicting complete changes of guard in Haryana assembly election 2014.Observers are predicting a huge defeat for congress in the upcoming Haryana assembly elections 2014.

There is a reason to believe in these observers as the Congress leadership in the state has become too arrogant and is not bothered about the people on the ground. If one travels across the state, then one can easily find a lot of anger and desperation among citizens. People are fed up with the current lot of politicians and their acts and had lost faith in the political system. People are looking for a new trustworthy face.

Former Union Minister Venod Sharma left the Congress party for these very reasons. When Venod Sharma realized that congress is drifting away from the masses and problems of the people he decided to quit congress party and left the government as he was unable to come to terms with Congress’ apathy towards the issues pertaining to weaker sections of the society.

Non Jat leader: The population of Haryana comprises of 22% jats .This is as per the census. Jats have a significant presence in the state and they play a major role in every area of the state like n education, sports, politics etc. They play a significant role in agriculture and defence as well. In Haryana in the last decade and a half, the chief ministers have always been Jat leader.

The state of Haryana got formed in 1966 and since then jats had occupied the CM post mostly.They occupied other political positions as well. The rise of jats has always created a sense of insecurity among the non jat leader.

The non jaat leader of Haryana believes that there is a bias prevalent in the state with the non jats which has resulted in a widespread discontent among the nonjat population of Haryana.

Venod Sharma is one such political leader who wants to work for the welfare of the society and free the state of Haryana from the clutches of jat politics .Venod Sharma is a non jat leader who has a widespread acceptance among all sections of the society. His basic motto in launching of the Janchetna party is to take Haryana forward. In the upcoming Haryana assembly election 2014 , Venod Sharma will present a big challenge to the other jat leaders of Haryana