Venod Sharma Haryana Development: Venod Sharma Development

If we look at the development in Haryana, we can see that is not uniform. While on one hand we have cities in Haryana which are close the Delhi and National Capital region and are surging ahead whereas on the other hand there are districts like Mewat which are backward and are far behind when compared with the fast growing districts of Haryana. The Grand truck road belt of Haryana also lacks holistic development and in no way can be compared with the fast growing regions of Haryana.

The reason for this irregular development is the inability of the successive governments of Haryana to prepare policies which could enable comprehensive development of Haryana. Today the districts of Gurgaon, Faridabad, Sonepat are ahead in comparison to other districts of Haryana because of it’s vicinity to the National Capital region.

Venod Sharma is one leader who has been constantly raising this issue of the neglect of GT road and other under developed areas of Haryana. On many occasions he has pointed out that until and unless Haryana government prepares special schemes for attracting investment in those regions which are falling behind, there won’t be any visible improvement on ground.

In order to attract investment, Venod Sharma Haryana Development emphasize on two things which can spur development in the backward areas of Haryana . First is to create a robust infrastructure in the backward areas which can act as a catalyst for investment. The other most important factor is to provide incentives in terms of tax holidays and other concessions etc to the Industry so that the actual investment flows in.

Venod Sharma has an impeccable track record of Haryana Development; he has done great works in the area of infrastructure development. He is one leader who has always reiterated that if Haryana has to grow it has to attract investment. His efforts in bringing IMT to Ambala are well known. For him development is above everything else. He has a vision for Haryana and wants to see Haryana growing holistically.