Haryana Board | Haryana Education Board

Knowledge enlightens human soul and prepares human being to become champion in long run of life. Education has vital role to play and can help person in particular and sate in general to grow. In today’s industrial and technical world no state can afford lagging behind in educational system. Common man is concerned about future of their children wants state to come out with numerous policies and enactments which will improve the education system.

Haryana education board has taken some steps in this direction. Compulsory English language as subject in schools, mid day meals are some few steps taken by Haryana Education board to bring educational level to match with other states.

Politicians are busy making money and not concerned about the future of the children and youth of the state.

Education to all is the motto of Venod Sharma and he is making all effort to make his state Haryana best not only in other sectors but also in Education which is the foremost feature to denote the graph of growth.

His mantra “politics with difference” is leaving no stone unturned to help and assist the youth of the state. He is the one who has always supported the youth concern and bothered about jobs, employment and interview system in Haryana. Beside that Venod Sharma also wants that the students from poor and lower middle class families should be given benefits in education. Haryana eligibility test is marred with corruption and Venod Sharma is continuously fighting against and committed to scrap the faulty interview system.

Beside that Venod Sharma is focusing on technical education a field where Haryana is far behind others. He emphasis to build more and more technical institutions in state. Youth of the state should be encouraged in poly techniques, engineering etc. Technological advancement is the key in today’s world. Any state lacking in this way will stagnant and retard the growth level .