Venod Sharma- Haryana State Politician

Venod Sharma nurtures a dream for Haryana, a Haryana which is progressive, developed and full of opportunities. Today when politicians are only concerned with serving their own interests Venod Sharma is one leader who stands out. Venod Sharma not only envisions a prosperous Haryana he also has the ability to fix the system and make it responsive to the needs of the people. He is the ray of hope for the millions of people of Haryana

Venod Sharma is a great advocate of youth empowerment and strongly believes that until and unless the problems of the youths are not addressed, the state won’t march forward. He knows that it is only the youth who can take the state forward .If the youth won’t be able to find jobs than it will not only affect the economy of the state but will create social problems as well.

Venod Sharma understands the pain which a jobless youth undergoes. No doubt it is one reason why he is attacking the system of interview in government jobs which is full of loopholes. It is because of the favoritism practiced in the so called interview process of the government jobs of Haryana, that the youth of the state today is an agitated lot. None of the leaders in the state came forward to sympathize with the educated youth of the state. It is only Venod Sharma who understood the agony of the youths and took up their cause.

Venod Sharma knows the factors which can help in job creation in the state of Haryana. He knows that Haryana has immense potential in terms of resources. But the missing link is the policy initiatives which can bring the Industry to the state. Venod Sharma has been constantly appealing to the government to frame those policies which can incentivize the Industry in the Haryana state. He has emphasized hugely one the establishment of food parks in the state as Haryana has a robust agriculture sector.

Haryana State has not done enough in terms of skill up gradation of the youth. Venod Sharma has often pointed out this there is a gap in the area of skill development of the youth and it needs to be addressed. The youth can only get jobs if they possess the right kind of skills. To improve the employability of the youth, skill development is a must and that has always been the focus area of Venod Sharma.